Why should I use Microbiate rather than an ordinary spill kit?

  • Microbiate uses microorganisms which exist in the surrounding environment which “feed” on the oil. This process eliminates the need for additional cleanup and duping fees, while simultaneously benefitting the environment.


Is Microbiate available in custom orders?

  • Yes! Contact us for further information, and we would love to fulfill your needs.


Will Microbiate function in cold weather?

  • The microbes begin to work at temperatures above freezing. At 7°C the microbes begin to work faster, and at 15°C they reach optimal activity and will continue to be active to temperatures of 50°C.


Is Microbiate effective with all types of oils?

  • Microbiate Soil and Gravel Oil Spill Kits are effective for oil products including gasoline, diesel, hydraulic oil, and mixed or unknown oils. In special cases such as spills of bunker C or mineral oils, please contact for custom remediation services.


Is Microbiate safe to use?

  • Yes, Microbiate uses natural microorganisms from the surrounding environment.


What is the shelf-life of Microbiate?

  • Microbiate products have a warrantied shelf-life of two years.


Where can I purchase Microbiate?

Thunder Bay